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Shoes such as high heels and shoes with tight toe boxes (eg womens fashion shoes and cowboy boots) are particularly damaging to the toes.As the bunion becomes more prominent, bunion pain can develop.Many people who have a bunion have a combination of factors that makes them susceptible to having this condition.For example, if you are a women over the age of forty with a family history of bunions, and often wear high-heeled shoes, you would be considered highly likely to develop a bunion.The type of footwear that you wear does cause bunions.A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe.Tight-fitting shoes are thought to be the main cause of bunions..A family history of bunions also increases your likelihood of developing bunions.The slope causes the front of the foot to bear your weight, which encourages your forefoot to widen.With prolonged wearing of constraining footwear your toes will adapt to the new position and lead to the deformity we know as a foot bunion. Injuries to the foot can also be a factor in developing a bunion.There is also a characteristic bump on the inner side of the foot. A bunion is a toe that points at a sideways angle towards your second toe.A bunion forms when your big toe pushes against your next toe, forcing the joint of your big toe to get bigger and stick out.

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