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Adding aesthetic — or spa — services to your practice can potentially bring in new patients, strengthen the loyalty of existing patients and bolster revenue.“You buy the products as they’re needed,” she says, and they’re a lot less expensive than new equipment.This area [her forehead] is still looked at by a maintenance programme.' She said: 'I went crazy for Botox in my 30s,' she said. But right after my divorce, [to former bodyguard Wayne Newton in 2010,] I realised I needed to stop' - pictured in 2002'I went on a television show and you had to be under 29,' she said. I went along with it for years, but I told the truth when I went to another label. Winning: Fighting back tears, she said: 'I am in love with my career. When he added dermal fillers — a nonsurgical, injectable treatment for improving the appearance of skin — he generated an additional 10 to 12 percent in revenue on top of the revenue from Botox.The experience of Women’s Health Specialists in Jensen Beach, Fla., is different, says Bill Hughes, CMPE, CPA, CGMA, MGMA member.A drawback is that many of these products have short shelf lives and must be used quickly after the bottles are opened.In time, though, that number eventually declined, she says.Lento says that only one doctor in the practice offered Botox services initially and generated about $12,000 to $15,000 a year in revenue from it.Lento says her former group purchased a $75,000 laser machine, but to get a solid return on investment (ROI), the group had to maintain a high volume of services.They can even include diet and weight-loss services.But the star hasn't ruled out further work: 'I don't think I have to do anything now, but I don't think I would be scared of it.The practice paid off the machine within a year and generated about $70,000 annually during the initial years that laser services were offered.

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