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In extreme cases of malocclusion, it is not enough merely to correct the Atlas to solve the problem completely.Only by modifying the teeth is it possible to obtain permanent alignment of the jaw and thus correct occlusion.Cases have been observed in which, after correction of the Atlas, the treated person recovered a perfectly symmetrical posture.It thus becomes necessary to act directly on the jaw and, more specifically, on the teeth, which are responsible for its incorrect position.As you can see in the opposite picture, reference lines allow us to consider the jaw in relation to the skull.Disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome may worsen due to an incorrect location of the Atlas.If there is a deviation from this ideal situation, this means there is a malocclusion.Other types of treatment performed on the muscles of the jaw have only a temporary effect!We have observed that realignment of the Atlas can positively influence any incorrect position of the jaw, allowing improvement in malocclusion.Many people report that they have found changes in the alignment of the jaw after the Atlas treatment: If the jaw is only slightly skewed, thanks to the correction of the Atlas, the problem may clear up spontaneously.If the jaw is aligned and in the ideal position, then the eye line is perfectly parallel to the lip line (L = R in the picture) and the center of the chin is on the midline of the face.There are several ways of changing the height and contact surface of the teeth.We therefore asked ourselves what could have caused this difference in reaction.A consultation with a competent dentist who is aware of the relationship between posture and occlusion is advised.

It is easy to check whether malocclusion is present.What ultimately counts is the result: the lower jaw must be aligned!In other cases, the posture is only partially corrected.It is enough to look at one's face in the mirror keeping the mouth closed and relaxed and teeth together, or even better take a photo of the face, then observe them carefully.After careful observation, it was possible to conclude that in subjects in which the posture is corrected only partially, also the jaw was subject to significant misalignment (malocclusion).

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